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Colm was born and bred in Ballyfermot Colm a big man with a huge voice the front man of the Beermats. They say there’s nothing like a Dubliner singing a good ballad, well if that’s true, Colm is your man, with the likes of Luke Kelly, Ronnie Drew, Colm has that distinct voice of a true Balladeer.

Brian known as Cracker was born and bred in Ballyfermot. the face of The Beermats. His main influences were the Beatles, Pink Floyd, so he went out and bought his first guitar for £80. doesn’t know how he ended up playing Ballads / Folk music, and thank god for us he did.

Tony also known as Tono, born and bred in Ballyfermot, was always destined to play folk music as his father Tony snr was always

playing tapes of Paddy Riley, He learned how to play the whistle in the Teachers Club and progressed to playing the flute.

Fran known as Scats was born and bred in Baldoyle on the northside of Dublin, he moved to Windmill Park some years ago, The mandolin is his favourite, he has his own unique style of playing and is part of what makes The BeerMats sound so good.

Newest member of the Beermats, Brian 'Oro' born in Drimnagh and brought up in Rathfarnham  has laid down the foundation for several bands over the years with his rhythmic bass lines. Having worked with Irish ballad, country, bluegrass and rockabilly outfits  in London, Munich  and of course Dublin, Oro's style has blended perfectly to round-off and compliment the very distinctive Beermats sound. A very warm welcome to the Beermats,  Oro!

The BeerMats from Dublin, Ireland, Irish Folk and Ballads. True authentic Irish music, Francis Scattergood on Banjo & Mandolin, Tono Brennan on Flute & Whistle, Brian Smyth on Guitar and Colm Gibbons on Vocals, Bodhrán & Whistle, Bryan Clearly on Bass. 

The BeerMats are celebrating their 22nd year in the Irish music scene this year. "It's been an amazing journey, we did not think when we started playing in a small bar in Dublin, we would still be going strong after all these years, says Brian Smith, guitar player and one of the founding members of The BeerMats.

Ballyfermot our home town is 3 miles from Dublin city, and is one of the best places to serve your apprenticeship in Irish music, Ballyfermot is rich in music and culture and its people are proud of their musical heritage.

Over the years the group have performed throughout Ireland and the UK and in recent years have performed in Germany, Switzerland, Spain the group also performed in the USA at Louisville Irish Festival, as part of The Ryder Cup, 2010 The BeerMats performed at The Celts on the River fest in New Albany USA.

Pete St John, April 2012 .

It happened as it always does in the folk music world ….. Unexpectedly !! …  Four fine balladeers from Ballyfermot came to me singing my songs . They had fallen in love with a song I had written about the ongoing and inevitable subject of Emigration in the Irish way of Life . I had tried , in this particular song , to bring a little lightness to the subject … by admitting that Irishmen are all mammy’s boys !! .. the girls are special and loved but the boys are mammy’s pets !!! . And when they are far away from home they always want to call  the Mammy !!

      “ Rambling Rose or Rambling Paddy

         Don’t forget to call the Mammy !! “

What a bonus for me !! … I could not be happier !! Come along and hear these guys sing and play ..…. They are what Irish Folk Music is all about !!


Pete St John . © .


“On my own radio program, “Shay’s Ballad Session”, The Beermats are one of the most requested Dublin groups and I regularly play their recordings and have had the pleasure to interview them live on air.  They are a great bunch of lads, with

all the wit and character of true Dubliners!   “SHAY EUSTAGE”

“they bring a freshness and energy to their music which is vital in this regenerative aspect of Irish culture.” BRENDAN PHELAN”

“Seven Sober Nights” by The Beer Mats is a cheerful and witty Irish folk CD.  Stunning musicianship can

be found on all ‘seven nights’ of this record! The use of traditional Irish instruments coupled with beautiful violins, acoustic guitars, and banjos make an unbeatable musical mixture! The title track accurately represents the light-hearted, humorous lyrical approach of The Beer Mats. Moreover, the vocals on these songs are jam-packed with fun personality! Putting the finishing ingredient in this potent brew is professional production fit-for-the-best! If you enjoy the joyful sounds of Irish folk, this album is one that you cannot do without!

-Xavier P. for RadioIndy

First time to Ireland, Sep 1 - 10 of 2006.  Everything was better than expected until I went to Polly Hops and you guys were playing.  This took my trip to Ireland over the top.  Fantastic music, songs, and entertainment!  After being in what I'll call commercial pubs, I was beginning to be disappointed in hearing any traditional Irish music and what my expectations were of being is an Irish pub.  That is until I was directed to Polly Hops because you guys were playing.  The experience, music and entertainment you provided were the highlight of my visit to Ireland.  Can't wait to come back, hear and see you again and hopefully run across you in the states.  Ever in Texas, please let me know. Thanks for a wonderful time.  Ken Pendergraft


First of all thank you for contacting me in regards to the song and the similarities it has to my families story. I got to listen to the song today and 

thought it was very nice, and quite moving - I also brought my 74 year old mother up to listen to it and it left her in tears, she liked it very much. She is the daughter of Malcolm Hutchins - one of the three brothers who returned home from the war. The war may have ended sixty five years ago, but the tragic sacrifice made by our family still haunts us all today. I have spent the last six years preserving their memory, with the story, a memorial, and website. I will forward on your link to the rest of the family for them to have a look at !! so you may hear from them.

Regards to you all, and good luck with the album... Paul


Mooroopna, Victoria Australia